2022 in Review: A Look at the Kadena Ecosystem

Kadena Ecosystem
3 min readDec 30, 2022


What a year it has been for Kadena!

We have seen astounding growth & development in the ecosystem in the last year. Now that we’ve reached the end of 2022, we want to reflect on what the Kadena community has been able to achieve this past year.

After our inception of our Twitter in November of 2021, we have seen our Kadena family grow to a whopping 13,500+ followers. What a great feeling to create a strong community with a common goal and interest in the ecosystem! We have strived to make @KadenaEcosystem a safe place for conversation, debates, and idea sharing.

In July, we launched our Kadena Ecosystem explorer, a place where users can find information on ALL the projects building in the ecosystem. Since then we have had over 11,000 users visit our site from over 140 countries to check out what’s building on the chainweb!

Over 100 projects have started building on Kadena and counting. We’ve seen teams come & go but we have also seen some great projects build despite market conditions. As a result, the ecosystem has grown immensely compared to last year when there were just a handful of projects building on Kadena. A big shout out to those who keep going and have cemented their place in the ecosystem as pioneers for future builders to learn from.

This past year we were able to meet with so many Kadena team members, project founders & KDA community members over Twitter Spaces. So many great conversations, ideas and feedback were discussed. We held over 60+ Twitter Spaces with Kadena projects, that’s 60+ hours of AMA time!! Can’t forget to mention the 13,000+ listeners who tuned in, asked questions and made the conversations worth while! Thank you to everyone who has tuned in!

There is nothing better than giving back to the community that supports you. This year we were able to connect with some great teams to giveaway loads of prizes & goodies this year to the KDA community! Over 800 $KDA, 7400 $KDL, 36,000 $KDS, 1000 $HYPE were distributed, tons of whitelist spots and lots of NFTs. We were also able to giveaway a Crankk miner & a KDBox Pro!

We are always happy to listen to our community’s feedback and suggestions. Join our Discord community, Telegram or reach out from our contact page on our website with your ideas on how to make the Kadena Ecosystem even better.

See you all in 2023!