Crankk Competition — Who are they? Let’s find out before we enter!

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3 min readApr 5, 2023

Key points of the Crankk project

Crankk is a decentralized predominantly open-source IoT project driven by the community with a focus on Proof-of-Network-Participation (PoNP). It runs on an existing blockchain called Kadena and Crankk is a token on the Kadena network. All radio and data transactions are fully on-chain and publicly visible. With an unmatched level of security and flexibility, Crankk utilizes smart contracts and a Proof-of-Trust (PoT) consensus mechanism to revolutionize supply chain tracking and peer-to-peer communication.

The ©rank(k) ranking system incentives high-quality and reliable services on the Crankk network, ensuring that only the best gateways receive the greatest rewards. The ranking algorithm is based not only on the location (there are no hexagons), but also on an average node uptime, network bandwidth, successful transaction processing, unique communication, and data traffic.

The Crankk team has developed custom software that allows users to onboard their own hardware on the Crankk network. You can read the announcement regarding all model gateways currently supported by the Crankk network here:

An internal DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is a decentralized exchange platform built and maintained by the Crankk team within the ecosystem of the Kadena blockchain network. It allows users to trade CRKK tokens securely, privately, and faster, as it eliminates the need to move assets to and from other blockchains and exchanges.

The team has exciting plans on the horizon, including the upcoming launch of a mobile app for managing Crankk nodes, expanding the network to new regions, adding more hardware options, sensors, rewards boost, and gamification as well as Oracle, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and CDN nodes.

In short, the Crankk project is paving the way toward a more secure, reliable, and transparent future for decentralized infrastructure and applications, so stay tuned!

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Prizes: 5 x free Crankk software licenses each worth $150 in KDA.

The software license enables the user to onboard his gateway on the Crankk network as a data package forwarder which provides coverage.

In case the user would like to earn rewards, he needs to stake a certain amount of CRKK tokens to participate as a Proof-of-Network-Participation (PoNP) or Consensus node.

The Koala team is responsible for connecting the winners with the Crank team regarding the next steps in the onboarding process.

The prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged, sold, or redeemed for cash or other prizes.

See here to enter ➡️ COMPETITION TIME

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