Kadena Eco’s $100 Million Grant for Builders

Written by: Micah Ogugua

Are you a builder or creator that is excited about Kadena and the potential it has to offer? On April 21st, Kadena announced via Twitter that their Kadena Eco initiative will be handing out grants worth a total sum of $100 million to inspire and motivate builders to build on Kadena. In addition to capital funding, they are also providing mentorship and technical support with Pact, Kadena’s very own smart contract language.

Kadena is the only scalable Layer 1 Proof-of-Work blockchain. With its multi-chain feature it has been able to solve the blockchain trilemma without adopting the Proof-of-Stake Consensus. The multi-chain protocol allows for infinite scalability, which motivates the focus on accelerating the growth of the blockchain. Builders of all stages and any level of expertise will be accommodated. Grants will be available for projects both big and small, with support from the Kadena Eco team every step of the way.

CEO of Kadena Eco, Francesco Melpignano spoke with The Block in a recent interview about the grants, “Our goal at Kadena Eco is to onboard as many builders as possible, and grant applications from skilled builders and founder teams will be considered equally. Grants are a stepping stone to potential future funding as part of other Kadena Eco initiatives such as our incubator, accelerator and venture fund programs.”

“This is an opportunity for teams with ideas to capitalize growth and resources to build. Now is the best time to build. Kadena Eco is empowering builders to create Web 3 projects to transform the world. This is just the start. Much more to come.” Paul Hsu, Kadena Eco’s Chief Investment & Innovations Officer (CIIO), shared during Kadena’s Twitter Space hosted by Kadena Eco.

Listeners learned during the Twitter space that many highly innovative teams already have begun applying for the grant. There is no rush though, Kadena Eco made it clear that they want applicants to take their time to enter quality submissions. Grants will be distributed in increments of $5,000-$50,000 in KDA to accommodate as many projects as possible and fair distribution. In addition to monetary support, projects will receive engineering guidance, community leadership, co-marketing opportunities, and being listed on Kadena’s official ecosystem projects page.

Kadena shared this graphic along with their builder grant.

Kadena Eco will be choosing successful applicants based on the following:

  1. Technical Strength
  2. Road Map
  3. Team Experience
  4. Practicality

Kadena’s “Build in the Open” philosophy requires applicants to contribute tutorials, content, and product explanations in relevant channels and communities such as Discord, Medium, YouTube and others. This is to ensure that there is proper content for future developers that are interested in Kadena but not quite ready for a grant. This will also supplement Kadena content and in turn create more information around the blockchain.

Alongside grants, Kadena Eco is planning to offer other priceless resources to accelerate development on the blockchain:

  • An accelerator (support & initial capital investment for projects starting out)
  • An incubator (for hands-on project development)
  • A venture fund (strategy & further capital investment for projects further on)
  • Research and development (transforming ideas into realities)

Kadena Eco is bringing blockchain to the billions. The $100 million grant program is only the beginning. Builders who are interested in applying for the grant can do so here. After applying, teams can expect to hear from Kadena within 4 weeks whether or not their project has been accepted for funding.

The Great Kadena Migration

Kadena recognizes that many developers that have been building on Terra Luna are in a tough spot right now. The $100 million dollar builder grant presented by Kadena Eco will dedicate 10% of the program to helping blockchain projects affected by recent industry events migrate to its ecosystem. When applying for the program, projects are not only receiving monetary support, but technical guidance and other priceless support to help accelerate development.

KŌSU has written a great article about how they have made the decision to migrate from $TERRA to $KDA. KŌSU is a project focused on a Web3 Learn-to-Earn knowledge based economy. This is just one of the many projects that are making their way over to Kadena.

Kadena is HIRING!

Think you have what it takes to join the only layer 1 PoW blockchain that scales? Kadena and Kadena Eco is actively growing their team, which only means that the blockchain itself is growing alongside it. There are 10 open positions available here, make sure to apply directly through AngelList. Here, you can find the Twitter announcement made by Anastasia Bez, one of the Kadena team members.

Grant Application

Below you can find the list of questions on the grant application form:


Project Name:

Project Description:


Please list the vertical or category of your project:

Motivation behind the project:

Please share your objective and/or anticipated impact:

Why Kadena?

Please share why you’ve chosen to build on Kadena:

Legal Structure?

Legal name, Entity type, and Registered Address:

Please upload a deck/one pager for your project:

Please provide a link to a website:

Please provide your project’s twitter handle:

Please provide your project’s Repo Github Name:

Please provide your project’s discord channel:

Please provide your projects telegram username/channel:

Please provide your email:


For each Team Member, please provide the following:

Please also include any Advisors, and format accordingly

Full Name:


Indicate all roles, including the team lead:


A concise bio, including relevant work experience and any previously completed projects:

GitHub profile link:

LinkedIn profile link:

Twitter handle:


Development Roadmap Milestone:

Template Link: https://kadena.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Development-Roadmap-Template-Kadena-Grant-Application.pdf


Market Fit:

What problem / need does your project address and how is it different from existing solutions?

Current Progress:

Has any work been done so far?

Does this project build on / rely on any existing software?

Please share any relevant links to mockups, code etc.

Future Plans:

Once the project is completed, do you plan to maintain or build upon it in the future?

Official Kadena Eco Grant Application

You can find a link to the official grant application form here: Kadena Grant Application



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