Kadena Ecosystem August Recap

Here’s what what happened on Kadena in August!

Kadena Ecosystem August Recap

Kadena Project Network Updates & AMAs

  • The Eucalyptus Labs team is expanding and hiring Pact developers! Think you got what it takes? Submit your CV and any relevant experience to future@eucalyptuslabs.com
  • We’ve made some changes and updates to our Kadena ecosystem explorer! Be sure to check out our brand new BUILD page for the latest job opportunities on Kadena! https://euclabs.typeform.com/WorkAtEucLabs
  • Check out our latest blog post all about Arkade, play, earn, and trade on the gamified NFT platform.
  • We shared a blog post about what’s next in the Kadena ecosystem, if you haven’t read it, go check it out!
  • Here’s our blog post from earlier in the month on the Kadena NFT rush we are experiencing this summer

You can now find all our past AMAs on Youtube!

Kadena Updates

  • Stuart, Will, Emily, Francesco & Doug from the Kadena team spent some time in their official Telegram to answer the communities questions! You can read up here: https://t.me/kadena_io/411010
  • Catch up on the Kadena Eco Project Spotlight LIVE Youtube AMA with Crankk, a Proof-of-Coverage LoRaWan Crypto Network built on Kadena.
  • Kadena Eco’s CEO, Francesco Melpignano, was recently featured on an NFT panel during Web3 Investor Day in Chicago! You can watch the panel here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wusHgds1-UI
  • Kadena climbed rank from #85 to #65 in terms of TVL by Chain since the Kaddex launch!
  • After much success this past year in distributing over 2.3M $KDA to 163 Bonders, the Kadena Chain Relay Program will be ending on 8/15 to power new DeFi projects through Kadena eco! A message from Stuart:
A note regarding the Kadena Bonding Program from Stuart
  • Kadena Eco team hosted a Grant Cohort AMA on YouTube, listen in for a very special shoutout to our parent company, Eucalyptus Labs!
  • Another Kadena Eco Project Spotlight was Hypercent! Read up on the blog post on the team here
Kadena Eco’s Project Spotlight: Hypercent
  • And live YouTube AMA below:
Pact 4.4 Updates
Welcome Brooke to Kadena as Strategic Advisor
  • We got an update this week from the Kadena team regarding the node issue from last month:
wBTC has arrived on Kadena

Kadena Project Updates

Kaddex went live August 1st
  • New listing announced on Kaddex, $KISHK
KDA/KISHK listed on Kaddex
The power of the $ARKD token
Arkade metrics

The Kadena Bulls IDO $ARKD hosted by KDLaunch dates were announced:

  • Registration Opens: 29/08
  • Allocation: 05/09
  • WL Round: 05/09
  • KDL Round: 06/09
  • Public Round: 08/09
  • Sale Ends: 12/09

We got a sneak peek of Kadena Bulls new P2E game “Super Bull” on Arkade.fun coming soon in Q3. Read some more alpha that was shared in this recent blog post by KDLaunch

Super Bull coming soon to the Arkade!
Lock your tokens, now available on KDSwap!
Electron Labs x Crypto Pulse
  • The @MintItOnKadena x @NIGHTBREAKERZ mint date may have been pushed back a little but we can assure you that the wait will be worth it. Here’s a sneak peek:
  • ICYMI KDLounge had Kevin Murko CEO of Coin Metro on their latest episode, listen below:
$5.5 Million in TVL at Kaddex
  • Rug pull insurance? Yes please! Thanks Stake Factory, looking forward to launch.
  • Miners of Kadenia launched their staking program and have seen some amazing support since!
  • Kadena Kongs registration on Hypercent has been postponed until further notice, below you can read a statement from the team’s Discord:
  • X-Wallet announced that they have over 25,000 users since launch! Congratulations to the team, these are BIG numbers
25,000 x-wallet users!
  • You can now view: price, market cap, circulating & total supply for $KDS on KDSwap. Looking forward to seeing this feature added for more tokens!
$KDS price metrics now available!
$KDL & $KDS are the first $KDA tokens to be listed on CMC!
Revamped Crankk website!
  • A record was set for Kitty Kad and Arkade this week on the NFT marketplace, first a Kitty Kad sold for 420 $KDA and then another Kitty Kad shown below sold for 1,999 $KDA!
A rare Kitty Kad sells for 1,999 KDA on Arkade
  • We got word that the Flux x MOK node program will commence in September!
A message from KMC to the community
Updates from the Kaddex developer team
Updates from the Kaddex developer team

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