Kadena Ecosystem July Recap

Kadena Ecosystem
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Kadena Ecosystem July Recap

Kadena Project Network Updates & AMAs

Smashed Spiders NFT Project Built on Kadena

Kadena Updates

  • John Wiegley, from Kadena’s developer team, shared his journey from Haskel to Pact, read up on his blog post here
  • Kadena Eco announced their spotlight on Kalend Finance! Read more here
Kadena features Kalend on their latest project spotlight
Kadena features Kalend on their latest project spotlight
An update from Kadena’s Developer Experience Lead
  • Kadena Eco is launching their Office Hours to keep the community updated, link to the space here. Listen closely for a special shoutout to kadenaecosystem.com!
  • $KDA is announced as a borrowable asset on Binance
$KDA is now available on Binance as a borrowable asset
$KDA is now available on Guardarian
  • Kadena Eco shares their spotlight project: Electron Labs. Learn all about their plan to integrate ZK technology, on-Chain privacy to dApps and users on Kadena. Here is the blog post on the project
  • The bridge is open! https://bridge.lago.finance enables wrapping of USDC tokens from Ethereum to Kadena. The wrapped assets are called kwUSDC (“Kadena Wrapped USDC”). Once bridged, you can see your assets in any Kadena wallet by adding “lago.kwUSDC” to your token list
  • Kadena Eco announced their first round of grant cohorts, read up on the blog post here and the official press release here. Grantees include:

🟣 The DNA Tech

🟣 Electron Labs

🟣 Eucalyptus Labs

🟣 KDLaunch

🟣 Hypercent

🟣 Unmarshal

🟣 Crankk

🟣 Lago Finance

🟣 Kalend Finance

Kadena Project Updates

  • Kaddex officially launches their bug bounty with Immunefi. Find those bugs get yourself $150,000
Find a bug in Kaddex code? You can get a bounty of up to $150,000
  • Check out the findings from the Kaddex NCC Audit in the report here
NCC Audit findings on Kaddex
  • Kaddex announced a new vault program for presale participants. Opt in/out ran from July 25–20. Read more in their latest blog
Kaddex Vaulting Program
The wait is over!! Kaddex launching August 1st
  • KDA/MOK listing went live July 18 on Kaddex
$KDA/$MOK Available Now on Kaddex
  • MOK officially sold out 100% of their IDO $MOK on Hypercent, congrats to all parties involved! Bear market, where?!
$MOK is officially sold out on Hypercent!!
Babena Marmalade Devnet Tutorial
Custom pairs now available on KDSwap!
$1 million in TVL for KDSwap
KDAbet x KDLaunch
  • KDAbet has rebranded to EqualBet, read more about their decision and the process here
  • The staking dashboard for Backalley is now live check it out on app.backalley.ai
  • A recent update from Timpi CEO Gareth Evans
  • An update from Timpi regarding their GeoCore Collector hub!
  • Timpi will be providing 10% APY for the duration of the delay for everyone who invested in the Kadena round of the IDO!
KMC NFT Marketplace Sneak Peek
  • Kadena Bulls announce their $ARKD IDO with KDLaunch. $ARKD is a utility token that will power the Arkade economy. With $ARKD, players can: buy/upgrade their NFTs, unlock new levels & games, and stake for passive income. You can read more here
  • Kadena Bulls officially showcase their NFT Marketplace to the public
Kadena Bulls NFT Marketplace
  • MintIt by Docushield was announced this week, they are the FIRST minting website on Kadena. Read more here
The first minting website on Kadena by Docushield
  • Docushield’s private network is growing by the day! Currently around 69 peers connected and 100+ onboarded!
Docushield’s private IPFS network
  • This month we were introduced to Unmarshal, one of the Kadena Eco grantees announced, read more about the partnership in their recent blog post.
Unmarshal x Kadena
  • As part of the collaboration, Unmarshal will provide its standard set of Defi APIs and notification services with various features such as RPCs, webhooks, streams, and Firebase support. Upcoming events in association with Kadena include: a dApp bounty program on Kadena using Unmarshal APIs, and Xscan integration.
Unmarshal’s plans for Kadena

Kadena Project Events & AMAs

KDLounge x KadCars
  • KDlaunch and KDAbet join forces again with version 2.5 of their Pact walk through
Pact Smart Contracts — Schemas, Tables and Functions — Live walkthrough with Steve from KDABet
  • An episode of KDLounge with @KdLaunch & Emily Pillmore, video below
KDlaunch x Kadena’s Pact Language Lead, Emily
Lago Finance make an appearance on Crypto Pulse

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