Kadena Ecosystem September Recap

Here’s what happened on Kadena in September!

Kadena Updates

  • Anastasia Bez was promoted to COO https://link.medium.com/P06I6pXrbtb
  • Kadena team met with Bitmain for an online even celebrating the launch of the KA3 Miners, see the recording below
  • Kadena was featured on Bitcoin.com as the most profitable coin to miner since Ethereum switched over to POS. Read more here
  • KDA was listed on DigiFinex and Bitget!

Kadena Eco Updates

  • Eucalyptus Labs was one of Kadena Eco’s Project Spotlights, find the article and live youtube AMA below:


  • Unmarshal was also featured on Kadena Eco’s Project Spotlight, find the article and live youtube AMA below:
  • Two strategic advisors were added to the Kadena Eco team; Brooke Ricketts and Scott Barker, here are the relevant articles and Youtube AMAs from the team:

Scott Barker: https://medium.com/kadena-io/scott-barker-3203c03f99c0

Brooke Ricketts: https://medium.com/kadena-io/kadena-eco-onboards-strategic-advisory-board-to-fuel-growth-52de05c7463b

  • Kadena Eco did a Project Deep Dive with Lago finance for their release of USD2

Kadena Project Updates

  • Kadena Monster Punks, the first free mint on Kadena completely sold out, the “sale” was gas free thanks to Babena’s gas station.
  • Kishu Ken launched their NFT collection on Arkade, https://www.arkade.fun/mint/kishu-ken
  • Lago Finance had to hault the bridge due to an issue found in the Pact code
  • KOR Blockchain began minting on https://korblockchain.io/
  • Easy Robots announced that they will be rebranding into Squid Invasion
  • Kaskade began sharing more about their roadmap in one of their blog posts https://medium.com/@kaskadesocial/kaskade-dao-airdrop-campaign-9a866d7a2736
  • KDLaunch announces the development of their NFT Marketplace, LemonJuice
  • Lago Finance shares plans of LAGO DAO, see the tokenomics below
  • REMINDER: You must TURN ON your Kadena Mining Club NFT to be eligible to receive rewards. You may do so here. The mining rewards of “off” NFTs will fund the @KDABuildersClub, an initiative to grow the Kadena ecosystem.

Read more here in their latest post: https://medium.com/@kdaminingclub/kda-builders-club-kbc-72b302d2aba6

  • Kaddex is now interoperable with X-wallet. Users can now connect their mobile wallet to Kaddex and perform swapping, staking, and provide liquidity from the X-Wallet app.
  • We got an update from the teams at Kitty Kad and Arkade, introducing Butter. The main difference between Butter and Marmalade is that the NFT ledgers on Butter are controlled by the creators while the Marmalade ledger is controlled by Kadena.

Read more here:


  • Crankk launched their EU868 miners last week;
  • Kitty Kad shared some updates on standardizing royalty payments on Kadena:
  • Some more updates from Kitty Kad include new features on the website, soon users will be able to view features belonging to each Kitty Kad and search by specific traits
  • Another $KDA token is now live on CoinGecko
  • Timpi announced that they have gone through legal evaluation & deemed not to be a security according to US Law.

Here is their medium post covering the details: https://link.medium.com/RH6d33piItb

  • MintIt went live with their Alpha Creator Pass and $DOC bond, check it out on their website and be sure to be on chain 8 https://presale.mintit.studio/
  • $DOC was listed on KDSwap and IDO participants were able to claim their tokens October 1st
  • KDSwap is now listed as an exchange at @coingecko. You can now track your favorite projects’ token correct prices, like $KDS, $KDL, $ARKD, $MOK, $KDX, $HYPE and $KDA. Another huge step for #Kadena’s ecosystem growth!

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