Kadena NFT Season

Kadena has seen so much growth since its inception in 2016. After months of building, teams are finally beginning to launch their projects on the blockchain, all for the community to enjoy. It really is proving to be a Kadena NFT summer. Let’s take a look at some of the NFT projects that are looking to shape the community.

Meet Babena, a collection of 2500 NFTS building Kadena and its ecosystem. The team at Babena have been very active in creating PACT documentation for the community and aspiring builders. They are currently minting their second round of NFTs on their own marketplace on chain 3 at babena.art. Soon, an affiliate project, Kadena Monster Punks will also be launching on their marketplace as well.

The many moods of Babena

An OG in the Kadena ecosystem, Kitty Kads are cute NFTs that people can play with on the Kadena blockchain. They are all unique — no two Kitty Kads have the same fur pattern and fashion style. Kitty Kads are trade-able and breed-able. The Kitty Kad team has been a true pioneer in the Kadena space, paving the way for projects that have come after them. Creating PACT documentation and tutorials, Kitty Kads go down in $KDA history.

Cutest Kitty Kads

Gallinas is an NFT chicken breeding game. Which came first, the Gallina or the Egg? Breed and farm your own NFT chickens and decide for yourself at gallinas.io, the adorable chicken breeding NFT game on Kadena.

The Kadena Bulls are a nostalgic NFT collection ushering in a new era of arcade gaming, where rewards are redeemable across the metaverse. Utilizing Kadena’s secure zero-gas network, Bull hodlers can earn rewards while playing various Arkade and Kasino games! You can still purchase 80s Bulls on the Arkade marketplace. Stay tuned for the team’s $ARKD IDO launch on KDLaunch coming soon. Shortly after, we can anticipate the 90’s and 2000’s Bulls NFT launch.

Blast from the past! Kadena 80’s Bull!!

Smashed Spiders is the first stealth-launch artwork project on the Kadena blockchain. They are working on a unique holder experience so that the community can enjoy fun games, surprises, collaborations, access to follow-up collections (female, next-gen & mutants) and breeding. Smashed Spiders aim to be one of the OG collections in the Kadena Ecosystem. They are a collection of 2500 NFTs minting now on https://smashed-spiders.com/ for 7 $KDA each.

The Lazy Ape Club is a collection of 5555 randomly generated NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Kadena blockchain. The collection aims to create a club of enthusiastic NFT collectors with a sense of belonging. They are minting now for 5 $KDA each on http://arkade.fun/mint/lazy-apes.

Kadena Mining Club is a collection of animated NFT’s built on Kadena. NFT’s are linked to real $KDA Miners that you own. Their mission is to make mining Kadena available for everybody around the globe through the power of NFTs. Your animated KMC NFT acts as your very own Kadena miner with monthly rewards, without the hassle of running it yourself. Each NFT is a contract to buy 640 GH/s worth of Kadena mining power. Minting is now available on https://farm.kdamining.club/nft, below are some details comparing the price of the NFTs to the KD-miners.

  • 1 KD-Max = 63 NFTs ($18,900)
  • 1 KD-Lite = 25 NFTs ($7,500)
  • 1 KD-Box Pro = 4 NFTs ($1,200)
  • 1 NFT = 640 GH/s ($300).

Kadena Komodos are a collection of 15000 NFTs built on Kadena. The project is launching now on the Arkade marketplace for a price of 15 $KDA each at https://www.arkade.fun/mint/kadena-komodos. As a holder, you will have access to the exclusive community DAO. This means that you will get to have a vote in deciding the future direction of the project; your voting power will scale in proportion to how many Komodos you hold.

Nightbreakerz, a collection of dynamic NFTs, launching MintIt, a mint it yourself project built on Kadena by our friends at Docushield. The Nightbreakerz NFTs will be dynamic and change at the strike of midnight, these are the first of its kind on Kadena, pioneers in the NFT space, using Marmalade for on-chain mutation. At 12:01am block-time, all NFTs will mutate into monsters to reveal rarities. Similarly, at 12:01pm they will return into their OG state.

Nightbreakerz NFT Seal 1 Reveal

Kadena Hashing is another mining NFT project that aims to break the barriers to entry to mining for the average person. Crypto mining is expensive, complex, and time-consuming for retail participants. They handle it all. For a one-time NFT purchase, you’ll passively earn a percentage of their PoW mining farm’s profits in perpetuity. Minting now on their website: https://kadenahashing.com/site/. You can check out the KadenaHashing Medium page to learn more, they have created lots of content regarding their roadmap and how their NFTs work.

Price tiers for the Kadena Hashing NFTs

Punks are a symbol of early adopters on the blockchain and KDAPunks believes in the future of Kadena. By building a strong Punks community, they look to provide the perfect platform for introducing crypto enthusiasts, casuals and newbies to the Kadena blockchain, as punks are the most globally recognizable NFT. 3388 Punks are minting now for 10 $KDA at https://www.arkade.fun/mint/kda-punks.

KDAnye for KDA Punks

Kadena Kongs living on the Kadena ecosystem are forming a DAO & community of alphas. The registration opens August 18th at 15:00 UTC on Hypercent, which will be Hypercent’s very first NFT launch! There will be 2500 NFTs available priced at $50/ $60/ $70.

AouuGaa!! There’s a rumble in the $KDA jungle!

Inu Crew is an upgradable card based NFT project minting now on chain 1. Running on Flux, the collection of 777 NFT Game Cards, is built exclusively on the Kadena blockchain. Every Inu Crew Gangster NFT holds a unique set of attributes to battle with in the Inu Club Card-Game. Minting is now in progress at https://www.inucrewnft.com.

Inu Crew

Kadena Monster Punks are the first free mint project on Kadena! With a limited supply of 1000 NFTs, each Kadena Monster Punk generates $KMP everyday as long as they are in your wallet. KMPs will be launched via Babena’s marketplace on August 26th.

Dananananana Kadena Monster Punks!!!

Look at how much the NFT ecosystem has grown these past few months! Looking forward to seeing what else is in store for the community. Did we miss anything? Be sure to let us know in the comments or on Twitter, https://twitter.com/KadenaEcosystem.

Want to learn more about the projects building on the Kadena Ecosystem? Check out our ecosystem explorer at kadenaecosystem.com, where users can interact with 100+ projects building on the $KDA blockchain.



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