Kadena’s New Ecosystem Explorer!

Kadena Ecosystem
4 min readJul 18, 2022


Kadena’s New Ecosystem Explorer

KadenaEcosystem.com, is focused on the hyper-growth of the Kadena blockchain and supporting the projects being built on it. From the latest DeFi projects, career opportunities, whitelists and giveaways, this is your destination for everything and anything Kadena.

Homepage of KadenaEcosystem.com

The team at Kadena Ecosystem wanted to create a safe place for users to navigate the ecosystem. By supporting the community and the projects they are building, we are able to make sure Kadena has the resources needed to thrive and reach mass adoption.


Project Page of the Ecosystem Explorer

This space was created as an archive of everything in the Kadena Ecosystem. Users can come here to learn all about their favorite projects and discover new ones. Search by category, filter, or keywords. See a project you’re interested in? Learn more by going on the project’s dedicated page. There you will find a description, as well as all relevant links to the project’s website and social media. Don’t see your favorite project on the explorer? Community members can easily suggest one using our site to fill out a form. The Kadena Ecosystem team will do their best to get into contact with the suggested project as soon as possible and gather all the data required to add them to the explorer. Teams building on Kadena can complete the Submit a Project application themselves, found under the filters to have their project featured on our database which can then be searched by keyword, category or their development status.


Calendar of Events, Mint Dates & Giveaways Happening on Kadena

Users can also see all upcoming Kadena events in the calendar section of the Ecosystem Explorer including AMA, giveaways, mint dates and more! You will be able to sort them by month, year or search for specific keywords. Easily keep track of all the awesome events happening everyday in the Kadena ecosystem. If you are a project that would like to have their events integrated onto the calendar page, simply complete the Add A Calendar application!


Build Page on the Ecosystem Explorer

One of Kadena’s most unique features that separates it from other L1’s is it’s unique smart contract language, PACT. We at Kadena Ecosystem want to help promote, guide and present developments made on PACT from documentation to assistance in grant proposals. In the future, we will be implementing a job board for all Pact and Kadena related opportunities. From development to marketing to community moderation, projects will be able to post their vacancies and users will be able to apply directly on the site. If you want to build and grow on Kadena we would like to hear from you!

About Kadena Ecosystem

The vision for sustainability is led by Kadena’s energy efficient Chainweb technology, as it scales, it decreases energy use per transaction. As our ecosystem grows, Kadena Ecosystem has made the decision to donate $KDA annually to the Rainforest Foundation US. They are tackling the world’s most urgent challenges of biodiversity loss, climate change, and human rights violations. The team at Kadena Ecosystem believes that it is as important to give back as much as it is to HODL.

Kadena Ecosystem is where you can find all projects building on the blockchain. This website was created for Kadena and the community, by the community. An interactive way to discover the dApp, DeFi, NFT projects and more building on the infamous Chainweb technology. There are loads more updates planned for the Kadena Ecosystem explorer. Be sure to follow us on all our social media for the latest.