Koala Wallet Deep Dive! Kadena x Miami! Chainweb Node 2.17! & More!

Kadena Ecosystem
2 min readDec 5, 2022


In Case You Missed It, Last Week on Kadena

  • Koala Wallet shared a quick tutorial on how to get started storing your $KDA:
  • The Kadena team hit up Miami for Art Basel Week & Dcentralcon. Stay tuned for our uploads from the Anastasia Bez & Francesco Melpignano’s panels!
  • Eucalyptus Labs joined the Kadena team in Miami this past week as well!
  • We hosted two great AMAs last week, Kadena Skellies & DadBod!
  • We updated our BUILD page with some job opportunities in the Kadena ecosystem, check it out at https://kadenaecosystem.com/build
  • $KDA ranked number 1 on Lunar Crush for AltCoin ranking
  • Kadena shared a end of month recap with the community:

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See you next week!