Koala Wallet is HERE! Backalley refunds! Simplex x $KDA! & more!

Kadena Ecosystem
2 min readNov 21, 2022


  • You can now purchase $KDA in-app with Koala Wallet thanks to their Simplex integration:
  • We held an AMA with Alfonso from KDLaunch last week, it ended up being a great conversation about the current events in the market. Take a listen to the recording:
  • Our team met up with Full Spend Yacht Club for an AMA last week and discussed their future roadmap on Kadena:

We also met with Kadena Life Sale ahead of their NFT launch November 27th and planned NFT marketplace. Catch up on the recording here:

  • Be sure to vote for Eucalyptus Labs, Docushield & Tech Fleet DAO in the Presearch $1 million advertising grant:
  • A note from Stuart Popejoy regarding CeFi:
  • Eucalyptus CEO, Koby Lazar is taking the initiative to jet start the Kadena & Pact Wikipedia pages:
  • Kadena will be featured on CryptoPulse podcast! Be sure to leave any questions you may have for the team in the tweet below:
  • $KDA distribution from Backalley has officially started:
  • Arkade has successfully implemented WalletConnect!
  • We get a preview of the NFTs coming soon from kdablocks, featuring Kadena Ecosystem:
  • A preview of the game coming soon from DadBod:
  • Kawaii K-9’s launched their second collection with Mint-It, Angel Doggos:
  • Check out the new video from the team at Alpha Slayers Club AKA Blocks+Brains. A great conversation about how to research DeFi-protocols before investing from Chief Research Officer at Rudy Capital!
  • The team from Kadefi Money continue to keep their platform up-to-date with the latest in the Kadena ecosystem:
  • Find a helpful FAQ on how to join the Crankk network below:
  • Sphynxxx Cats announce their mint date:



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