Miners of Kadenia AMA Recap


On April 30, 2022, the Kadena Project Network (KPN) hosted an exciting Twitter Space AMA and giveaway with The Miners of Kadenia (MOK). Over 400 Kadenians tuned in to learn about Kadena’s very first Mine to Earn Protocol and the chance to win MOK whitelist entries. MOK aims to bridge the elements of DeFi and NFTs into one project, GameFi, rivalling even the largest protocols in crypto.


@Mok_Eko — Founder & CEO of Miners of Kadenia

@BoredInTheOffice — Community Manager of Miners of Kadenia

@manatee_crypto — Community Manager of @KadenaEcosystem


  • The objective of the game is to find tools and a node to mine. Through mining, your character claims rewards! Players can choose to use those rewards to either level up their character or make profits.
  • When a player levels up their NFT characters, this increases their mining yield, in turn, increasing their profits.
  • Unique NFT features to expect: facial hair, earrings, gloves, brass knuckles, different types of hair, eyes, teeth, and much more. Expect your character to become more dynamic the more nodes you mine!
  • The DeFi elements of the game include: staking, swapping, yield farming, and mining nodes.
  • $MOK, a mineable token in the game and planned IDO, will be initially listed on Kaddex. The team at Miners of Kadenia believe that having an audited DEX is extremely important.
  • The IDO will only be available on one launchpad, it is not yet public which it will be launched on.
  • Staking will be ready for the IDO, while testing is now being done on the contract. The projected IDO date is June/July 2022.
  • NFT vouchers will be dispersed to be mined throughout the game, these will give players an advantage with a higher gas limit covered by MOK.
  • There will be an exciting feature where players can “rent out” their miners, by minting a contract, rendered on spot using Marmalade.
  • Flux node operators will be able to earn extra $MOK by providing power to the site + game.

Make sure you follow The Miners of Kadenia on all platforms! They gave away 5 whitelist spots to some lucky community members during our AMA!

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