Overview of the Kadena Project Network

What is the Kadena Project Network?

The Kadena Project Network (K.P.N.) is a way for Kadena DeFi projects to reach out to the Kadena community and expand the horizons for $KDA. Our mission is to expand the DeFi ecosystem for the Kadena platform.

We host AMAs (Ask Me Anything) interviews for the community to ask questions for upcoming DeFi protocols on Kadena.

Who is behind the K.P.N?

@mrmrmanatee and @chronos9654 on Telegram are the founders of the Kadena Project Network. We founded the community to bring light to new DeFi projects to Kadena.

Where can I join the community?

We have a Twitter and Telegram, but we are looking to expand to other platforms eventually.

Telegram Group

Twitter Account

Where can Kadena DeFi projects reach out?

DM @mrmrmanatee or @chronos9654 on Telegram to reach out for an AMA/community interview in our Telegram. We will get back as soon as possible.




Your source for everything Kadena!

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Kadena Project Network

Kadena Project Network

Your source for everything Kadena!

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