Kadena Ecosystem June Recap

Kadena Ecosystem
7 min readJul 7, 2022

Kadena Project Network Updates & AMAs

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Kadena Ecosystem’s Blog Post!

Kadena Updates

Interview With Will Martino — KADENA Founder and President of Kadena LLC
New $KDA listing on BitPanda!
Kadena Eco’s Project Spotlight: DNA
  • Kadena announced that they will be doubling their employee count in the next few months
  • Stuart Popejoy joined OKcoin for an exclusive interview
Building Blockchains With Kadena w/ Stuart Popejoy | Okcoin Live #35
$KDA is now available for purchase on ChangeNow

Kadena Project Updates

Docushield shared this graphic on their Twitter this week
A “DEX landscape” featuring Kaddex vs other chain’s DEXes

MOK IDO details:

🗓️ Registration Starts: June 30th

📈$MOK =0.017$

🟣Total IDO Tokens: $MOK 50,000,000 (10%)

🟣Supply at TGE: $MOK 41,250,000 (8.25%)

🟣Market cap at TGE: $701,250

🟣Allocation via #WL or $HYPE

Miners of Kadenia’s IDO Launch Date
MOK UI Sneak Peek
  • Read up on the $MOK litepaper
  • MOK has showcased their staking dashboard offering 47% APY
Sneak Peek of MOK’s Staking APY
KadCars x MOK
Hypercent announces a new $HYPE tier system
$KDL Wallet Snapshots
Kaddex reveals their UX for their DEX analytics
Kaddex is now in phase 2 of their NCC audit
Sneak peek of Stake Factory, featuring an appearance from the Kadena Gallinas
KadCars x Flux Labs
  • Stake Factory website is now LIVE!
  • Stake Factory shares their test faucet for minting test tokens on Kadena

Project AMAs & Events

Dcentralcon June 7 recording

@KDX_Frogman for Kaddex

  • timestamp 1:05:33

@SpaceJef_free filling in for @fmelp for Kadena Eco

  • timestamp 2:10:40

@jmininger0 from the Kadena team

  • timestamp 4:24:18

Dcentralcon June 8 recording

@NicolasRamsrud for @KaddeXofficial

  • timestamp 5:51:25

Special thanks to @herebycm on Twitter for the timestamps!

Pact Smart Contracts — Schemas, Tables and Functions — Live walkthrough with Steve from KDABet
  • Part 2.5 of the Pact walkthrough can be found here!

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