What’s Next for the Kadena Ecosystem?

It’s seems like every day there is a new project building on Kadena. Just in the last few months, we have seen amazing growth and an influx of strong teams joining the ecosystem and building revolutionary things with prepares Kadena for mass adoption.

Since launching on Kadena’s mainnet on August 1st, Kaddex has seen significant growth and success. The DEX has reached a staggering $13,760,000 in liquidity / value staked. Kaddex is continuing to grow at an impressive rate, with no signs of its upwards trajectory slowing down. This is in part thanks to Kadena’s innovative technology, which offers a high level of security and scalability with the Chainweb mechanism. The DEX has attracted a wide variety of users, from newcomers to seasoned traders, and continues to see increasing volume and locked-in value.

In addition to Kaddex, other projects are also thriving on Kadena. USDC was launched this year when Lago Finance bridged it from Ethereum, and has since seen significant volume and liquidity on Kaddex since. Lago is also currently building their own stablecoin solely for Kadena, which will be ready before the 4th quarter of 2022. This stablecoin (USD 2.0) will offer users a safe and reliable way to store value without relying on other ecosystems with its hybrid design, and will help to further build out the Kadena ecosystem.

In addition, Lago is expanding its bridging capabilities beyond Ethereum and onto other chains, both EVM and unique. This will allow users to access a wider range of assets and services on the Kadena blockchain, and further expand the reach of the ecosystem.

Kalend Finance is building a lending and borrowing protocol that will leverage KDA and the respective stablecoins on the Kadena blockchain to offer users a safe yet rewarding passive income. While many details are yet to be shared, Kalend was recently announced as part of the genesis Kadena Eco grantee, meaning they have access to leverage the Kadena team and thus the developers of the Pact smart contract language themselves.

Hypercent is a launchpad and soon-to-be NFT marketplace that has hosted multiple IDOs in the past and has several upcoming projects in the pipeline. Also among the Kadena Eco grant cohorts, Hypercent aims to be the top-dog in the launchpad space with beautiful UI/UX and bringing the most promising projects to Kadena.

Thus far, Kadena has shown itself to possess a thriving ecosystem with a lot to offer. With its high level of security and stellar scalability capabilities, it is quickly becoming a leading blockchain, and we are here for it as we continue to showcase the ecosystem in its entirety.



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